What is your name? And company name?

What are you currently struggling to get done in your business? (i.e. automating emails, launching a membership site, keeping up with customer service, launching a new product etc.)

What things do you DREAM about accomplishing in your business (i.e. updated website, passive product funnel, awesome onboarding sequence for clients, creating SOPs, etc) that you just haven't had time to accomplish?

What tools do you currently use in your business (i.e. Dubsado, Active Campaign, Calendly, etc)? Which ones do you LOVE? Why? Are there any you AREN'T happy with? Why?

What is your current budget for a new team member or project you need support with (ballpark it)?

What EXCITES you about bringing on a team member?

How soon do you need to bring on support?

Anything else I should know? (i.e. How do you like to work? What makes you an easy or hard person to work with etc.)

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